As a hobby, I like to translate manga. Below are brief samples from 3 different manga series I worked on. Using my experience from my digital media education in high school, I clean, typeset, and translate. Everything shown on the pages were done by myself.

Sample 1:

This series is called Nakai-kun Tachi no Himegoto by Kurusu Haiji. In this sample, I showcase polite vs. casual speak as well as hotel jargon. Our main character applied for this job, thinking it was going to be at a fancy hotel. To his surprise, he ends up working at a traditional Japanese inn.

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Sample 2:

This series is called Our Youth Isn't Dead Yet by Nejiganameta. In this sample, I showcase how things would be conveyed in English, despite the Japanese source text being a bit more polite and less direct. Based off mannerisms, expressions, and context clues, I found a way to word the mean character effectively. This is a college story about art students. One of the characters gets into a car wreck and ends up being in a coma. Two people who seem unlike become great friends.

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Sample 3:

This series is called Shiawase Gohan by Nanoka. Sarcasm in Japanese can be hard to portray in English. This sample shows sarcasm as well as effective sound effect translation/typesetting. In the manga industry currently, a lot of people just put the sound effects in parenthesis. I feel it's important and adds a lot to a reader's overall enjoyment when the sound effects are properly typesetted and translated. This series is filled with fun sound effects in different fonts. Sometimes, I make my own fonts to match that of the Japanese raw pages. This story is about a couple and their bunny who love to make meals together. Each chapter has a recipe at the end.

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