While not professional, I've worked with various medium throughout my years as an aspiring translator. These include short stories, visual novels, fansubbing anime, and advertisements. Below are a few examples of these miscellaneous projects.

Visual Novels:

I ran a blog for 4 years and have translated various visual novel games. At times, I would post video excerpts with subs. My blog has 10,000 followers and a lot of people appreciate my work. At times, it got stressful, but it was amazing practice and improved my Japanese skills greatly.

To the left is one of my later translations. For subtitles, make sure to click closed captioning and select English


During my senior year in college, I realized I wanted to focus on different areas to make myself a better rounded translator. Aside from menus, I translate advertisements as a hobby. Below is a tourism advertisement for beach activities in Goto (an island around Nagasaki). I scanned the book, removed the original Japanese, translated, and typesetted the ad.

Audio Transcription:

Japanese 5B Interview - Nina Stein/Hazuki Okuta
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When I was studying abroad in Nagasaki, during my second semester, a lot of emphasis was put on interviewing and transcription. This may not be translation, but it's important for a translator to have this skill in their set. 

The audio clip above is an interview I conducted with a Japanese college student learning English. This interview explores the struggles, reasons, and rewards of studying another language. It also shows my Japanese speaking abilities in Spring 2018.

To the right is an audio transcription of this interview. Images can be clicked on for enlargement.

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